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29 July 2016


We started out happy...

then didn't get our way..

Sad panda.  Don't feel sorry for her though.


 A cute little Dutch town that we stayed in for a night on our way back up the coast.  It was super cute, but very touristy.  Honestly, I can't imagine staying there more than a day, but it was a great place to pass through.  We loved that everything was within walking distance.   We also stayed in our timeshare while there, and the property was beautiful.  The kids had their own pull out bed, Bill slept in the tub and I had a wonderful master bedroom.  Just kidding.  Bill didn't sleep in the tub, but we did get to bed early.  At this point in our trip we were pretty exhausted!

P had a nice little meltdown in front of half the town which was super fun.  We watched a drunk lady try to hit on some married band guys--- think desperate groupie-- while trying to eat dinner at Copenhagen Sausage Garden, and had breakfast the next morning at Paula's Pancake House.  None of which were enough to write home about, but good enough to take up space on the blog as a fun little short lived memory.  

We woke up early and booked it to Santa Cruz to spend the day.  So long, Solvang!  Thanks for the memories!

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