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28 August 2016

Kindergarten, Fifth & a Schultüte.

Any questions as to where Presley gets her attitude from can be answered in the photos up above.  RBF is inherited!

Mema (My mom) and her cousin Martin- typically it was 1st grade for them, but Kindergarten is the first official year here.

Tyler's first day of Kindergarten!

We officially have a Fifth Grader and a Kindergartner in the house.  Its going to be an incredibly busy year too.  Presley will have her first book reports, her first short story, a class science fair project... HOMEWORK.  Tyler is officially doing Pre-Algebra and Geometry, has a Daughters of the Revolution paper to write (Something like that anyway), Science Fair...SWIM- 3-4 days a week, and he wants to run for School Council.  So far, the kids seem to love, love LOVE their new teachers.  Success!!

Bill is drugged and in a lot of pain.  His surgery went very well, and he should recover just fine, but that leaves me to do everything on my own now.  Tyler has been a huge help as we adjust to a new routine.  I know to some people this might not seem like a big deal, but it is when you and your husband work opposite shifts and you rely on him to help around the house- at least to prep dinner.  I'm tired, stressed and a little overwhelmed at the moment.  Starting dinner at 7PM sucks.  Especially after being at work all day.  There is NO down time when you go from work, to school pickup, to swim, to home and those responsibilities.  I'm ready to adopt an illegal to help around the house while we are gone all day.  The next few days will be very trying for us since Bill can't drive until he is off medication.

This is just me, putting real life out there.  I'm not trying to sound ungrateful by any means, but this blog is about our family life, and its not reality to only post the good times.  We're human, and I'm pretty stressed about the upcoming week.

Kids, I can't wait to see all the amazing things you accomplish this year!  I'm praying for you guys to have an amazing year of growth and learning.  I pray for your teacher to love and nourish your excitement for learning and to keep your passion alive for anything you want to accomplish in life.  I pray that God watches over you, keeps you guys healthy and strong.  That he surrounds you with friends who will challenge you to be the best you.  That you help others and show that you are an amazing example of His work.  I pray for God to fill your teachers with the strength to lead- especially Presley's teachers.  Good luck to them!  Cheers to the new school year!

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