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04 August 2016

San Jose & Campbell.

After Santa Cruz we headed to Campbell where Bill's brother and SIL live.  We had so much fun staying with them.  These cousins get along so well.  Bill ended up sleeping on their couch, and it was hilarious when Jana went to tuck him in bed.  We drank a lot of wine, laughed a lot and loved every minute visiting them.

We stopped at the Children's Museum.  I didn't take any pictures there, and the pictures you see here were mostly taken by the kids at the tram.  It was pretty crowded at the museum, and instead of taking pictures, I was keeping track of two kids into different things.. minus looking like that mom who follows her kids everywhere like a paranoid stalker.  We used the tram system and the kids enjoyed that more than the Museum.  Parts of San Jose smelled like pee, but Campbell was super cute!  We went to dinner and Music in the Park that night where Bill learned how much he doesn't like this drink... whatever it was.  I can't believe it was even on the menu.  It was that gross!

After our stay in Campbell we headed home.  We ended up adding an additional 2+ hours to our trip due to California traffic.  The only time we experienced traffic like that the entire trip.  We started to make up time, then we pulled over so I could drive.  My car gets pretty good gas mileage, (I average about 28-30 mpg) but never anticipated that we would arrive at the next gas station on FUMES.  Thank God no one was behind us during that time, and it was seriously dark out.  The thought of being stranded on the side of the road in the middle of no where Oregon freaked me out.  We saw a sign that said "Gas Station 35 miles".. well, that would have been fine, but it was closed down!  Then the next gas station was another 35 miles, and for miles we saw nothing.  No lights, no sign of life.. nothing.  I coasted down hills, kept my top speed at 50 and PRAYED.  We finally made it to a gas station, my car said "14 miles left" and I could finally breathe again.  We arrived home shortly after midnight and slept most of the next day.  

This trip was absolutely amazing, and one we will never forget.  I'm so grateful for all the incredible memories we made during those two weeks. 

Now we're preparing to head back to school.  UGH.


  1. I've never been to California before... if looks like you guys had a ton of fun! What a great way to end the summer :)

    1. It was! You should definitely visit one day! Have a great weekend :)


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