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01 August 2016

Santa Cruz.


After we left Solvang we headed north to Santa Cruz for a quick day trip.  It took forever to find parking, but when we did our meter had 2 hours on it!  Score!  We walked along the beach, stopped for clams (which I inhaled!) and headed to a lighthouse for the kids to see.  We are a total beach family... well, I can't speak for Bill, but the kids and I LOVED being at the beach.  The sound of the waves, the sand in our toes, the rush of the water, looking for shells and little creatures.  The one place where there could be tons of people, and I still feel calm...  I usually can't stand crowds.  I love the sunsets (although, Boise is a super close second!).  I love to eat seafood, I love being in the middle of the ocean knowing there is nothing around for what feels like a million miles.  I really want to take our little family on a cruise!  Maybe next trip... Ok kids, lets start saving for a Disney cruise!

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