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05 January 2017

Snow Day.. Sort of...

Well, we have snow.  A lot of snow.  The most people have seen here in a long time, like, record setting snow.  Problem is, while everyone is out of school the last few days, our school is still in session.  Here is what happened... the city of Boise doesn't plan for this much snow, and they don't fund for it either..  Why?  Because we never have this much snow.  Snow is EW.  They won't plow any of the side roads- they wont even try.  They plowed the main roads, which are fine to drive on, but won't be bothered with any of the side roads.  People are getting stuck trying to leave their houses, people are in ditches with neighbors trying to help dig them out...etc.  We're from Alaska... where we've dealt with winters WAY worse than this, but when they don't plow any roads... game over.  Pretty much every after school activity has been canceled, and many businesses closed for the day, or closed early.  This is seriously the worst.  Luckily, its not common at all otherwise we're packing up and moving.  Have fun at school today, kids!

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